“The world is rapidly changing with technology” and the automotive industry is under a transformation with the introduction of Electric Vehicles (EVs). If you are planning to buy a car or a two-wheeler, technology has gifted us with a new option of EVs, which is now available in a wide range of choice. Here are reasons why you should consider buying one –

  1. Maintenance cost now pocket friendly!

If you buy a car or two-wheeler with an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), it will have more mechanical components which will attract more maintenance cost. Owning an electric vehicle means never having to take the vehicle for oil change and tune-ups and less wear and tear on engine components and in turn less replaceable parts in the future. Regular servicing of EVs will be only restricted to rotating of the tires and ensuring the braking facility is working fine. Thus EVs are easy and come with low maintenance.

  • Worry no more about the fuel price hike!

Another major problem that gasoline powered vehicle owners’ face is the continuous fluctuation in fuel prices. With the change in fuel prices globally, the government is bound to alter the petrol and diesel prices. Well if we own an EV we will not have to worry about that in the future and continue our peaceful drive. Electricity is also much cheaper compared to gasoline which gives the customer all the more reason to buy an EV.

  • EVs do offer you noise-free drives!

Another beautiful feature of this automobile is that it does not generate sound while the car is running as it does not have a typical Internal Combustion engine under the hood. The electric motor inside functions so silently that one cannot make out if the vehicle is running or not, ensuring a very comfortable and noise free drive. If you still think petrol/diesel vehicles are still better options, we have more reasons of buying an EV. Read on!

  • EVs are Future-proof!

Customer is always worried if a car that he purchases now would be technologically obsolete in the future due to rapid advancements in the automobile sector. Now with EVs, which promises to be the future, customer is more likely to confidently invest on one. With the technology being relatively new and the fact that the concept of EVs are here to stay in the long term, owners of EVs are bound to get a high resale value for their automobile, just in case they wish to sell or upgrade.

  • EVs are Eco-Friendly as well!

Electric vehicles run on an electric motor and this helps avoid spewing smog forming pollutants and green house gases into the atmosphere. No release of harmful gases like Carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide means the factors influencing global warming are under check. This will make the world a cleaner and greener place paving a way to heal the damages that we humans have done for centuries under the pretext of modernisation and technological advancements.

Now with electric vehicle options becoming more abundant, a new generation of vehicles have come into the ecosystem. This promising new segment will further evolve over time and it is very clear that EVs are here to stay. The eco-friendly sector is expected to turn into a multimillion dollar business in the near future and we hope this article has helped readers get a fair idea about EVs.